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What Our Clients Say

If there was a tree heaven it would be here. Russ Jenkins is a gem, the guardian of Elysium. Bought 15 Green Giants 2 years ago, growing nicely without a glitch 2 years later. 

E Doctorely

Best trees we've bought!

Rivera House 

Wonderful people, the owner was quite a nice man very easy to work with. Great value, beautiful stock.

Brett Shibley

Ordered 5 trees which were promptly delivered and the person that delivered the trees put them where we wanted them.
Thank you!

Janet Glantz


D Kov

Beautiful inventory, kind helpful owners and staff, great prices.

Dave Langan 

Namskaket Farm is an absolutely magical place. The trees are exceptional and Russell Jenkins the owner is very knowledgeable , who takes the time to explain thoroughly the proper way to plant the trees and care for them. He is a down to earth, hard working man who cares about his customers.
He also recommended a great landscaping crew that installed my trees to perfection.
I highly recommend this business to anyone interested in high quality trees at great prices and great customer service. I couldn't be more satisfied !!

John Donovan

A wonderful place to buy trees and plants! Also great place to work! The owner/boss Russell is a wonderfully sweet man and loves his employees!

Michael Templeton

Has great trees. They are knowledgeable and offer support with planting, care and trimming of trees.

Jane Trinidad-Hennes

Great plants!

Ted Tanner

Great variety of plants and small trees and great customer service.

Dan S

Excellent selection of trees and extremely helpful staff.

Sharon Corts Davis

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